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Special Edition

Elia S.Martín

Alexander Grahovsky

Bonnie Pang

Giselle Vitali

Ian Trajlov

Konstantin Shalev

Ivan Belikov

Đặng Trọng Khanh

Emi Haze

Chiara Vercesi

Adam McCausland

Beto Garza 'Helbetico'

Umberto Daina

Six N. Five

Polina Fearon

Chamo San

Ryogo Toyoda

Tano Bonfanti

Thibault Daumain

Katlego Phatlane

Elina V.G.

Rob Snow

Michele Durazzi

peter gutierrez

Nico Castro

David Perez

Redmer Hoekstra

María Suarez inclan

Uma Brand Studio

Nandita Pal

Danya Dolotov

Inkration studio

Carolyn Duan

Roman Novak

Don Carson

Yana Moskaluk

Mitt Roshin

Gladys Creative Studio

Gemma Gould


André Pires

Kaloian Toshev — MZK

Osvaldo Casanova

Davide Magliacano

Kevin Davis

Gaby Zermeño

Bart Miko

Mark Oliver

Mr Lemonade

Polina Chemeris

Elen Winata

Vincent Rhafael Aseo

Konstantin Alekyan

Sebastian Onufszak

Zack Anderson


Card Battle Beta

Go head to head with opponents in turn-based playing card battle!

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Physical Deck

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Poker, 88.9 × 63.5mm


Bicycle® paper with Air-cushion finish


52 Playing cards + 2 Jokers + Info card

“This really is a unique deck. The concept is playful, and elegant at the same time. The colors are vibrant. A wonderful price of art.”


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